In 2023, PFIC Network received a two-year Eugene Washington Engagement Award (EASO-30455) from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to prepare the PFIC community to participate as equal partners in research studies.


The PFIC IMPACT Treatment Experience App (IMPACT:TEA) was designed by PFIC families and clinicians to:


Provide information about PFIC treatments and patients’ experiences with them.


Learn which treatment outcomes 
matter most so that we can start to design research studies that are directly relevant to the PFIC community.

This app is a dynamic work in progress. The info you can see right now is just a starting point. We will continue to update it when patients or their family members enter their experiences with treatments through the app survey. After you’ve had a chance to explore, please consider contributing your treatment experiences to help make this an even more well-rounded source of information for our community and to share your voice in support of future patient-centered research!

For more information about project IMPACT,